SlideModel is becoming a Hub for PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Written by Jaymin Shah

The best PowerPoint templates are hard to find on the web. They either look cheesy or just boring. That’s why we’ve created this list.

Let’s be honest—presentation slides are not usually the most interesting things to look at, even if their content is actually worth reading.

To help you make a great impression at your next pitch meeting.

From using neon colors, illustrations and infographics to letting the typography do the talking, these creative presentation slides use good design to capture and hold attention, and make the information on the slides easy and pleasurable to consume. They would definitely make you stand out from the competition.

I make lots of presentations and I use presentations as a platform for instruction.

For so many reasons, This is my go-to platform for creating presentations these days:

  • It’s collaborative. I often work on presentations with partners. So do our students.
  • It updates easily and save automatically.
  • I can easily examine revision histories and revert to them.
  • It follows me across devices and places.
  • It’s free.
  • I can use any of the thousands of lovely Fonts I’ve collected.
  • Using the oh-so-handy Research Tools, I can easily search on the fly for content–quotes, images, video, etc.–without leaving Slides
  • I can move and share hefty presentations in a ways that were often painful for me using PowerPoint and Keynote. (If you know the size of my presos, you know what I am talking about.)

Slidemodel makes me feel way better about my web-based compromise.  It was kind of love at first slide.


Slidemodel offers Pre-designed PowerPoint Slides of wide range of categories including business templates, marketing, sales, diagrams, maps, process, analysis, shapes, management concepts and much more. Marketers and sales people are already singing the praises of the new platform as it saves both time and money.  They can simply download the slides and put them to use.

There are several different categories for templates (Business, Elegant, Creative, etc.)  and users can access the templates quickly with a few clicks of the mouse.

In Summary

As a presenter, it is your job to inspire and get your audience engaged in your slides and presentation. The last thing you would want to worry about is how your PowerPoint slides look. We trust these hand-picked site will be helpful for you to find great PowerPoint templates for your next presentation.

On behalf of the TechOptimals team, best of luck with your next presentation!

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