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Written by RiyaJain

Presentations are one of the most used business tools nowadays. Since the introduction of technology in the workplace, slides and presentations became a default communication tool among business employees. Be it for sales pitches, business review meetings, corporate strategy meetings or even staff communication, the presentation as a visual aid is spread all around the world.

For more than twenty five years PowerPoint was identified as the de-facto tool for creating and presenting decks. Its features and installed based helped the fast spread of the tool around the world. But recently (in the last four years) a new player came around with a value proposition difficult to ignore; I’m talking about Google Slides.

Google Slides is the presentation software created by Google, which is part of the Google Drive offering. Google Slides has quickly become one of the prefered tools for techies, educators and is gaining traction among business employees.

The main benefit that differentiates Google Slides from PowerPoint, is the ability to work 100% in the cloud. It does not require any application installation to access the full set of features. Also, with collaboration in mind, Google Slides offers professional collaboration features with world class performance, difficult to imitate.

Google Slides has been evolving over time. It initially started as a modest, low profile presentation tools, available for free and only available online. With the time, it added professional features like:

  • Its own vectorial engine
  • Themes and backgrounds functionalities
  • Picture formatting
  • Offline possibilities
  • Online surveys
  • Etc.

Several sites online are providing professionally designed Google Slides Themes for free, showing that the tool is up to the challenge, and any designer can create top of the line presentations with the cool features of Google Slides.

At the moment I’m writing this article, Google Slides is positioned as one of the three heavy competitors of PowerPoint, growing year to year at a fast pace.

Try your next presentation in Google Slides. Is free and you only need a Google Account.

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