Top Best Lightning Headphones for iPhone 7

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Even though it has been teased at all year, many are still getting over the initial shock that Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will no longer feature a 3.5mm jack.

If you want your phone to sound the absolute best it ever has, these are the Lightning headphones for you.

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Before you start hyperventilating, both phones will ship with a pair of Lighting Earpods and a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter in the box. This new bundle of iPhone accessories ensures you will be able to continue using your current pair of headphones.

Still, many will want to adapt to the new standard (and not with the included Earpods, which are considered the bottom-tier of the headphone world). Moving forward seems like the best play here, as Apple has seriously invested in the Lightning port, and most consumers will want to invest as well. There is simply no going back from here.

Note that the adapter and Earpods are by no means the extent of your listening options, as the announcement of Apple’s wireless AirPods shows that the company has put their chips in on Bluetooth headphones as well. There are even Bluetooth adapters for your current headphones, as if you needed more listening options.

But depending on how Bluetooth wireless grows in coming years, these options could be moot for audiophiles, because Lightning currently seems to be the best option for delivering hi-fi audio. Lightning headphones can take on lossless formats with ease. Comparatively, wireless protocols are still far off from accessing FLAC and WAV audio without compression.

Plus, Lightning headphones will offer their own DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and amplifier for more accurate sound. These can be built in easily, and will outperform the budget components used in your phone any day.

There are indeed downsides to this massive shift away from the existent audio ecosystem, but given the compelling presentation Apple has made with the iPhone 7 launch, we have a more compelling argument than ever as to why the 3.5mm jack shall be no more.

Whether we’ll come crawling back for analog audio in a year, or all just switch to USB-C, we are willing to follow the company down the rabbit hole with a look at some of the best Lightning headphones available now.

Ultimately, there are far more pro’s regarding the switch to lightning connected headphones than their are cons. Still, transitions are difficult, and often expensive, just look at how much it cost you to replace your entire VHS collection with blu-ray discs! Still, we think in the long run it’s worth it, and have listed out the pros and cons of the removal of the headphone jack below link:

Lightning Connected Headphones Reviewed 2017


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