Philips expands iOS-connected Hue smart bulbs

Written by Jaymin Shah

The new Philips Hue E14 candle bulb is a 40-watt equivalent —470 lumen at 4,000 kelvin. Like other Hue bulbs, it is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform via a connected bridge.

The Hue bulbs also tie into Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Next, and Samsung SmartThings. And the open Hue platform allows interoperability with more than 600 apps, products and platforms from other brands and developers.

The new E14 bulbs will launch in Europe by the end of April priced starting at 34.95 euros for the ambient white bulbs. They are also scheduled to arrive in North America later this year, though pricing has not yet been announced. Philips also did not disclose how much the multi-color bulbs will cost.

The new bulb joins existing products from Hue sized for sockets E26, A19/E27, B22, GU-10 spot light, and BR30.

“The candle has been one of the most requested products by Philips Hue customers,” said Sridhar Kumaraswamy, business leader for connected home systems at Philips Lighting. “We’ve spent time ensuring it is of the highest quality and available in both white ambiance and white and color ambiance. It is an important next step to ensure seamless integration in all rooms, giving you the freedom to personalize lighting throughout your home.”

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