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Rather than search engine optimization, developing a website with the right technology and content is the key to success in 2017

In this day and age, the tech environment is constantly changing. What a lot of people don’t realize is that success on the internet is about constantly adapting. Web sites who fail to adapt to new technologies fall in ranking and sometimes may even get delisted from search engines. Today it is extremely important to be search engine friendly. That is because, without organic search traffic, it becomes very expensive to grow any business whether it is a brick and mortar or an online store. The reason is that to garnish traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing there are certain requirements that a website developer must follow to not only to get listed but also get ranked by one of these entities.

A perfect example of this is the business directory for the Town of Miami Lakes, Florida. A few years back the Town of Miami Lakes under Mayor Michael Pizzi launched an online business directory to represent the businesses community in the Miami Lakes area. However, since its creation, this initiative was a failure. There are many reasons, but for starters, the website lacks many benchmarks required in today’s competitive Internet marketing arena. One of the major flaws is that the directory got embedded inside the city’s official website. To access the directory, one must click on a link that opens a shadowbox. Is this crazy or what? While this may look fancy on a desktop, it does not work on mobile devices. Mobile traffic accounts for about 55% of today’s internet traffic. Furthermore, the city’s website [] also lacks mobile friendliness and the security of an SSL.

Building a business website today is not just about putting some pictures on the Internet. Business websites with an objective need to show up in organic searches otherwise they become irrelevant. If you expect your website to show up on the first page of any top search engine such as Google, Bing, and or Yahoo, there is a recipe you must follow.

Google, in particular, has become very picky as to who shows up on the first page. The company has spent millions devising artificial intelligence algorithms to measure and track the quality of billions of websites. It is from this metrics that Google chooses who are the top 10 websites for any given keyword or phrase.

While the Town of Miami Lakes business directory project [] has failed to deliver what it promised, bring visibility to the local business community, a New Town of Miami Lakes Online Business Directory has now come into play. Unlike the previous project this new website [MiamiLakes.City] brings along all the technological advances require to dominate the local market.

The project was put together by a local web design agency with substantial experience in ranking websites for highly competitive keywords such as bankruptcy attorney, personal injury attorney, dentist, orthodontist, as well as cigars and vape outlets. The project came to fruition by suggesting from the local business community members who are completely frustrated with the progress and functionality of the previous environment. The suggestion came up at a local networking event, and it is now a reality. After interviewing several business leaders and identifying the features and functionalities, local businesses were seeking. The team when to work, at first, trying to see if there was a turnkey solution that met all the requirements. Some of the things at the top of the list were full Google Maps API functionality, the schema metadata with geo-tagging capabilities, and EXIF metadata also with geo-tagging capability. After acquiring several ready-made software packages, the team came to the conclusion that the project was going to required a custom coded solutions. After just six months in the works MiamiLakes.City went public on February 1, 2017. Now, some 30 days after its official soft launch the website is already on the second page for several highly competitive keywords in the local market such as “orthodontist in Miami Lakes” and “weight loss in Miami Lakes.” Many SEO agencies and web design companies may have you think that this is some magic trick. The fact is that it is nothing but basic, high-quality content published on quality code. The developers believe that using this approach will always get a better ranking than just about any search engine optimization trick.

The team also believes that the technologies employed in the simple websites are truly the key to success in 2017. It seems that not only is having an SSL important but also adopting technology such as AMP, Schema, and EXIF is now more important than ever when designing a quality business website.

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