Opera launches Neon, a free browser that makes web interactive

Written by Jaymin Shah

Opera has been launching quite a few features recently to up its browser game. From free VPN, to inbuilt ad-blocking, to a new privacy mode – the Opera browser updates have been frequently flowing. Ringing in the New Year, Opera has launched a parallel concept browser that showcases features that encapsulate the future of web browsing. The concept browser is being called Opera Neon and is built on the same browser engine as the Opera browser.

The company stresses that Opera Neon will not replace the current operating browser in any way. It is just a sneak peek into the future of browsers, and nothing else. However, some of the features showcased on Opera Neon could make its way to the commercial browser sometime in spring. For now, you can download and test Opera Neon for free on Windows and Mac.

It’s an attempt at dragging browsers into the modern era.

The concept browser promises a more interactive web, with the ability to push and drag content at will. Other changes the Opera Neon concept browser brings about include a brand new interface, with the start page mimicking your desktop background image. The tab bar goes on the right -and sports a visual appeal making it easy to distinguish between multiple tabs. The tabs that are frequently used will automatically get priority over others that will be pushed down. At the left is the dedicated video player, an image gallery, and a download manager. There’s also a completely new Omnibox, supporting top search engines and open search.

Web content is levitated and is aimed to be handled more freely. Some new features include video pop-out which lets users watch a video while browsing other web pages. Opera Neon also allows taking snapshots of any web page, cropping it, and saving it to the gallery for later use. Interestingly, Opera Neon also supports a split screen mode that allows two web pages to work together simultaneously.

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