iPhone 8 could arrive with stainless steel chassis and glass design

Written by Jaymin Shah

To create its 10th anniversary iPhone, which is claimed to be called the iPhone 8, Apple is looking back at an installment from the past. A new report from China is saying the Cupertino giant is borrowing design elements from the iPhone 4 to make its upcoming smartphone.

Citing undisclosed sources, Taiwanese media DigiTimes reports the Cupertino behemoth has abandoned its go-to supplier Foxconn and placed orders for forged stainless steel phone frames with manufacturing partner Jabil.

Last time Apple opted for stainless steel on its phones was the iPhone 4s, but the company has since shifted towards its favored aluminium as the preferred metal of choice for its flagship smartphone.

While the news is consistent with previous rumors suggesting the iPhone 8 will don a stylish all-glass body, the report runs counter to previous speculation that the glass front and back will be held together by Foxconn-manufactured aluminium.

Among other things, the next-gen iPhone is expected to be available in three different sizes – one of which will pack a boosted OLED screen, while the remaining two will sport a standard LCD display. It is also rumored to support wireless charging.

via AppleInsider

iPhone 8 to get new forged stainless steel chassis from Jabil on DigiTimes (in Taiwanese)

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