An Unbiased Review Of The Lifetracker App

Written by Jaymin Shah

Imagine a tool that could record everything you want to do in a day, month, year, or in a year. Check this app and see that now you have access to such a tool. That’s true; the Lifetracker app is one such tool that’ll make your fantasy to do list make an easy thing. Lifetracker is quite a unique app in many ways. Importantly, the app is now creating a buzz in the industry and more people giving it a serious look.

If you had no idea what the Lifetracker app is all about, know that it is the best thing on your mind. That’s true; it is as dynamic and intelligent as your brain. Here is more relevant information about Lifetracker and how you can extract more out of this nifty but smart little application:lifetracker1

Behold: The Number 1 Tech Application In Product Hunt

Most of you internet geeks have heard about the Product Hunt technology community. They are known for their neutral and unbiased reviews on upcoming and state of the art applications in the world. Are you hunting for practical applications on the internet? You’ll find in this community quite useful. They’ll give the application a comprehensive review. They’ll also explore its pros and cons. Suffice to say that they’ll cover all the positive as well as negative points of the considered technology.

Lifetracker is every day to do tool that can make you do the right thing at the right time. For now, the application is only available for Android platforms, but it will be soon available for other platforms as well. Product Hunt rates this app quite highly and has put it into their top downloads category. As such, they’ve analyzed its performance, the AI, prediction, supportability and task management.

The application is the best one out there when compared to other task management tools and apps. As such, Lifetracker makes doing day to day tasks much easier.

How To Use It?

The application is highly functional and quite comfortable to use. You can use as a calendar, a productivity tool, or perform your day to day to do list without worrying at all. To get started, just download the application to your smartphone or tablet PC. Keep in mind that for now; the app is only available for Android running platforms. However, work on making it compatible with other platforms like iOS and Windows phone is going on smoothly. Once the app is downloaded, pick a relevant category that you want to set in the app. You can customize the task thanks to different groups that you can access from the settings tab.

Once you’ve set the task, you must keep it in check from time to time. In the meantime, you can also place other similar functions in the app. The beauty of this app is that it works flawlessly even you’ve set multiple tasks in it. This is where the A.I comes into play. The app will have no difficulty tracking each reminder or task with all the settings you’ve made. As such, you need not worry about forgetting or slipping off a reminder.

Another novel feature of this app is that once you’ve fed a task in it, it will remember it and upon refeeding it, it will bring out the work with all the settings that you’d placed the first time. Not only this, but Lifetracker will bring out all the options it did the first time you fed the task into it. Another unique feature of Lifetracker is that before taking your job, it will check it through the calendar and tell you if the required time slot will be available for the said work or not. If it is not available, the app will give you options to choose one of the available slots or override a previous slot.


The app is too novel and perhaps too smart for most users. It will take some doing before they could master the Lifetracker. Though the Android version is out, for now, other versions might take some time. Though it will be available for other platforms like iOS, users will have to wait a little longer before laying their hands on this highly functional application.

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