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Uber launches gift cards in 35K retail locations across the U.S.

Written by Jaymin Shah

Starting Monday, you can buy an Uber gift card in stores.

The ride-hailing company is now selling gift cards at Walmarts nationwide and plans to introduce them at CVS and Target.

Uber popularized the idea of an on-demand car service across the world and starting today, in the US, you can now give the gift of Uber with newly released gift cards.

Join us after the break for all the details.

Over the next few weeks, retail partners such as Walmart, Target, and CVS will be stocking up on and selling Uber gift cards at a starting amount of $15. Uber says that this will expand to 35,000 retail locations across the US, but hasn’t yet announced any additional stores that will have them available. As of now, Walmart seems to be the only store that is mentioned on the Uber site, but you can put in your zip code to see the locations nearby. Online ordering will be made available soon at their gift card site.

Once you purchase a gift card, the lucky recipient will just have to enter in the gift code in the Uber app and the funds will be immediately available. You don’t have to request a ride right away though, as the balance will stay in the app with no expiration date or fees. Another feature is that if a single ride costs less than your gift card balance, the remainder will stay in the app for a future ride. Of course, this is a pretty standard way that gift cards work, but it worth mentioning.

Hopefully more retail locations and online ordering will arrive soon and we will keep an eye out for any other developments!

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