Twitter’s been improving its customer-support functionalities for marketers for months, upgrading direct messaging and customer feedback capabilities. The social giant wants to be seen by retailers and other marketers as a digital hub for helping a consumer get the information and products he or she needs while bolstering their brands in real time. twitter_customerservicefeaturesToday, it’s taking another small step in that direction by making it easier for consumers to locate the right account for acquiring such help. Many brands have multiple accounts to take care of communications for their many product lines or departments.

Now when Twitter users search for accounts, observe an @mention of a brand in a tweet or view an account in their direct messages, they’ll see a “Provides Support” button that they can tap to start a conversation with the company.

Businesses can enable these new features starting Thursday via the new customer support settings page on the Twitter Dashboard site.

According to a blog post, Twitter product manager Travis Lull said users that send a direct message are 30 percent more likely to send one than if their only option is a message via text. “We are committed to making Twitter the best place for people to talk to businesses,” he wrote.

Check out the feature above for an example from T-Mobile, which has been testing it out. And check back with TechOptimals a little later today for a data-driven report about which brands are doing the best job with Twitter customer service.