It’s finally here. After months of leaks and speculation, Apple has finally announced the iPhone 7- ironically, via their own Twitter account before it its actual keynote event (the tweet has since been deleted).

So far, it’s largely what we expected. The antenna lines have been reshaped to curve around the top and bottom of the device. The camera hump has been smoothed a bit. The Plus model has two cameras, much like the Huawei P9 or Honor 8.

One fact that hadn’t been confirmed, the iPhone 7 is waterproof, and also includes stereo speakers and longer battery life.

There’s also a new glossy ‘Piano Black’ color, which looks wonderful, and much like the Mac Trash Can Pro. I personally find the new antenna lines to be even more gaudy, so thankfully the Piano Black color hides them with the new sheen.

The device will be available starting September 16.