Hackers discover exploit to bring back suspended and inactive Twitter accounts

Written by Jaymin Shah

When Twitter bans an account, nobody expects it to come back from the dead. Yet, that’s exactly what happened recently when a group called ‘Spain Squad’ managed to resurrect several accounts Twitter had recently taken offline.

Accounts like @DarkNet, @1337, @Hell and @LizardSquad are a handful of the accounts Spain Squad took control over. Each of these accounts could fetch thousands of dollars from users looking for memorable, or notorious, account names. Of course, Twitter could just as easily re-suspend them, as it seems to have done with the aforementioned names.ziter

Spain Squad claims it has more tricks up its sleeve, though. Akma, one of the users behind the exploit today told Business Insider that the exploit used to seize and reactivate the accounts could also be used to take control of active accounts, change a Twitter handle and even suspend accounts on behalf of Twitter.

So far though, Spain Squad has only proven its capable of bringing life to these accounts that Twitter recently killed.

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