Twitter, has rolled out “Night Mode” for iOS users in a bid to boost its user base, according to media reports. The micro-blogging website had introduced the dark-themed mode for night reading for Android beta testers last month, but with a latest update, it is available to all users now.

Clicking on the profile icon on Android, a user can flip the night mode on or off. Turning it on will change the background of the app into a dark blue colour with white text. The night mode is available for beta testers only on iOS at the moment. The settings can be found in the ‘Display and Sound’ section of the settings.

Night mode is an important part of a lot of apps, which helps a user to read in low light or no light conditions without straining the eyes. Many mobile devices have an in-built night mode, which turns the screen yellowish – a warmer colour, which can be turned on and off automatically using a timed schedule. It is important to use night mode while browsing on your device at night, because studies have shown the the blue light of the screen can impair the sleeping patterns of a person.


Night mode for iOS looks very similar to its Android counterpart with its navy blue colour scheme. Once on, Night Mode switches the app to a darker colour palette which is similar to what Tweetbot and a few other third-party Twitter clients have had for some time.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to automatically turn on night mode based on what time of day it is or based on your phone’s display brightness. There is no word when this feature will publicly be launched.

(With IANS inputs)