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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer fresh victims of OurMine hack

Written by Jaymin Shah

OurMine is back to business. The three-person hacker group that seems hell-bent on taking down every high-profile account, in a bid to promote better security practices, has this time round struck Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s account. It isn’t exactly clear, which account though. But, the group did leave behind its trademark tweet — it uses to tell one and all that it somehow managed to hack into the high-profile users’ account, and used it to access their Twitter handle — this time with Marissa’s official handle in the fray (@marissamayer).

The Yahoo CEO was however quick to take down the tweet. In the brief period that the tweet was still live though, Security editor at ZDNet, Zack Whittaker was able to take a screenshot and post it on his own timeline. For now, the hacker group hasn’t come out and disclosed which of the account (s) owned by Marissa were hacked to access her Twitter handle.

Later, the group took to their official website to take responsibility of the hack.

“Today, we checked Marissa Mayer Security, and we got access to her Twitter account, her security was really weak,” it claimed .

Meanwhile, the group also claims to have gotten access to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey‘s Vine and Twitter accounts.

OurMine is known to use their hacks to tweet fairly harmless promotions of its own security services. The group makes a mention that it was testing the security of the victim, and urges them to visit its website and upgrade to its services.

OurMine has been in news a lot lately for hacking into the accounts of several high-profile accounts, ranging from those owned by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg to Evan Williams, the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter.

The group is said to scan the security of social media accounts and websites in exchange for a sum. A TechCrunch report recently said that the hacker group has 34 customers so far.

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