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Fruit Ninja VR is out now for the Vive, because of course

Written by Jaymin Shah

Fruit Ninja is part of the classic casual iPhone game canon — your finger becomes a katana ready to slice through watermelons as fast as you can keep up. But in case you felt like that just wasn’t immersive enough, Halfbrick Studios has now released a virtual reality version for the HTC Vive. (Let’s pretend the Kinect version never happened.)

You’ll be able to use the controllers as swords to slice up flying fruits and avoid deadly bombs. In addition to slashing fruit, you can also swat other objects out of your way, skewer multiple pieces of fruit and launch them all in the air for high combo points.

The game is currently available on Steam through its Early Access program, which means it isn’t finished yet. However, developer Halfbrick Studios says it already offers a polished experience and will soon get more locations, weapons and even player-versus-player multiplayer modes. Plus, it’ll also arrive for Oculus Rift soon.

If you’d like to get in on the action right away, Steam has Fruit Ninja VR on offer at 20 percent off for a limited time.

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