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Messaging app Snapchat restored after outage

Written by Jaymin Shah

Snapchat selfie sharing came to dramatic halt on Friday, and not surprisingly, its core user base was not happy.

The popular photo-swapping network experienced an outage this morning, as users were unable to send snaps to friends or post to their Snapchat stories. However, users were still able to view existing stories, as well as content on Snapchat’s Discover channels.

Snapchat told TechOptimals the issue lasted for less than an hour and has since been resolved. It declined to comment on why it was down.

It also confirmed the issues on Twitter, noting it was investigating the problem.

Upset millennials were quick to air their frustrations on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Snapchat experienced a large-scale issue. In December, users were unable to load content due to a Google Cloud outage.

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