Microsoft pays woman $10,000 because Windows 10 made her computer slow

Written by Jaymin Shah

Windows 10 is nice and all, but Microsoft’s been criticized for what some see as an overly aggressive upgrade campaign. At least one woman is getting her dues after an unwitting upgrade, however.

Teri Goldstein was paid $10,000 by Microsoft last month after a judge ruled in her favor. Goldstein claimed that a few days after Windows 10 launched, her computer downloaded the update without her knowledge, after which it would often slow down and crash.

The issues made her lose money, and consequently she had to get a new computer.

Recently Microsoft amped up the aggressiveness, including Windows 10 under ‘recommended’ updates for Windows 7 and 8 users. They’ll still have to approve the install, but it makes it a lot easier for users to accidentally download something they don’t want.

For its part, Microsoft says regretful users have a month to roll back to their previous OS and can always contact customer support. That won’t stop an irksome ‘Upgrade to Windows 10’ notification from constantly showing up on your screen, however.

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