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Facebook wants to help you get off Facebook with human-curated Events

Written by Jaymin Shah

For the first time, Facebook is getting actual people to curate events recommendations in 10 cities across the country.

Previously, the company recommended events based off of your interest and friends, which  that’s not very helpful if you’re looking for something out of your comfort circle.

Curators will your top art shows, festivals, food, music, sports, education and more around you. Basically, it’s a “Things to do in your city” guide, embedded right a top your list of upcoming events.

Furthermore, “highly engaged Events users” will be receive push notifications when new events show up so they can start planning outings with their friends.nyc_eventsdashboardWhile it could be a simple way to find things to do if you’re something of a lazy homebody, it also sets up criticism for how Facebook goes about choosing events.

As a note of caution, however, Facebook says it won’t be including political or religious events. Probably a good idea, after that whole trending stories ordeal.

The feature is rolling out in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and D.C. today. It’s iOS only for now, but we imagine Android is only a matter of time.

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