Crayon Box launches NAMOO app – Wonders of Plant Life

Written by Jaymin Shah

Crayon Box is a Seoul-based startup making educational apps for kids. Crayon Box is announcing a new application that aims to make learning more fun. NAMOO is a fun, engaging exploration of the life of plants. The app combines encyclopedia-inspired, highly interactive 3D simulations and rich educational content tailored to school-age children. Kids love toys obviously.Apps_NAMOO3

  • Encyclopedia-inspired, interactive 3D simulations
  • Discover amazing processes such as pollination or photosynthesis in fun, engaging way
  • Experiment with different environmental conditions and see what happens
  • Nine chapters including: roots, root tips, leaf anatomy, plant cells, photosynthesis, flowers and fruits, trunks, and stems
  • Plain labels, clear explanations, and student friendly reading sections
  • Original 3D artwork, music and sound design
  • Immersive and fun learning for kids and adults

How could you use the NAMOO plant life app in your classroom?

Try using NAMOO instead of a textbook to gives students room to explore the interactive graphics. Kids can tap on the screen and read encyclopedia style entries. This app is perfect for independent exploration of informational text or for teachers to demo to their students on a large projection screen. This app is full of information on plants from growth rings to root caps. You’re sure to spark the interest of students as you give them a chance to interact with high-quality content. The NAMOO plant life app a great choice for kicking off a new unit or clarifying a concept before diving into the topic even deeper.

NAMOO available on both iOS and Android.

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