Apple’s Siri will soon be able to hail an Uber for you

Written by Jaymin Shah

Even though nothing really blew us away in terms of innovation at WWDC 2016, Apple did reveal a few things which piqued out interest. When it was first introduced, Apple’s personal assistant Siri was the best offering in the category. However, over time with the advent of new competitors, it now has some catching up to do in terms of functionality.

Towards this end, Apple announced at WWDC yesterday that it would now be offering the digital assistant for developers, so that it can be integrated with their applications. After this announcement, Uber was quick to jump on this new feature.

Uber has just announced that Uber functionality will now be integrated directly into Siri so that iOS users can hail Uber cabs straight from Siri by using a voice command, similar to the functionality offered by Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa. The company further went on to detail that upon calling for a cab using Siri, you’ll be presented with the driver and fare information within the Siri interface. From there, you can either confirm the cab request or cancel it.

Apple Pay functionality is also in the works, as the company has detailed that soon you’ll be able to pay for your cab rides using Apple Pay. There’s still no word on when these features will actually be rolled out, but it’s most likely that they will be rolled out alongside the release of iOS 10, which will be released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod this fall.

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