LinkedIn cancelled its Apple’s WWDC watch party post-Microsoft acquisition

Written by Jaymin Shah

What a start to the week! Most of us in the east coast woke up to news that Microsoft has agreed to acquire LinkedIn for an all-cash deal of $26 billion.

While many people on the internet are already starting to make jokes about Xbox/Windows 10 LinkedIn requests and Clippy, there’s one thing that’s actually not a joke: LinkedIn cancelled its WWDC viewing party set for today at its San Francisco headquarters.Screen-Shot-2016-06-13-at-10.12.56-AMIf you recall, Microsoft was planning its own after party for the annual Apple developer conference. It’s funny to see allegiances already take shape merely an hour after the news officially broke, and that Microsoft is set on killing the Apple vibes on an already-very busy week as E3 is set to kick off this week as well.

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