Medium buys content feed provider Superfeedr

Written by Jaymin Shah

Superfeedr, a company with tools that help websites send and receive content through common protocols like Atom and RSS using PubSubHubbub and XMPP, today announced that it has been acquired by Medium.

The Superfeedr web service and application programming interface (API) won’t be going away, Superfeedr founder and chief executive Julien Genestoux wrote in a blog post. But Genestoux is already having a visible impact on the Medium product.

“My first commit at Medium was to enable full content RSS feeds both for publications and users (available in your settings),” Genestoux wrote. “Medium already lets you add your own domain name, import and export all of your posts, point to a canonical URL if you cross-posted, supports DNT … and we’ve started working on more!”

Medium, which lets anyone start a blog and now has a full-featured app for reading content posted on the platform, has not made many acquisitions since it was founded in 2012 (Matter is the big one that jumps out). But the company has sought to become a publishing platform for other companies, through the launch of Medium for Publishers.

San Francisco-based Superfeedr started in 2009. Customers include, Etsy, IFTTT, FirstRain, and PlayerFM. Investors include Betaworks and Mark Cuban.

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