Linksys put tri-band, 5.3Gbps MU-MIMO into a $399 Wi-Fi router

Written by Jaymin Shah

How fast do you want to go? There are two hot new buzzwords in Wi-Fi router land you should be aware of: tri-band AC5400, and MU-MIMO.

Linksys has this week announced the launch of a brand new router that should provide you with exception WiFi speeds.

Called theEA9500, it is a tri-band, MU-MIMO WiFi router that combines one 2.4GHz channel and a total of two 5GHz channels to provide you with massive 5,334Mb/s speeds over the air.

And with the MU-MIMO functionality, the EA9500 can provide full-bandwidth MIMO connections to up to four users at once.linksys-li-EA9500-3

Linksys say that it stands for “Multi-user multiple-input and multiple output,” and that it should mean that you get fast speeds no matter how much other people are doing on your network, well as long as there is only up to four people on your network.

To top that off, it also has seamless roaming technology to allow you to switch between multiple routers or extenders seamlessly.

Linksys-EA9500-accessoriesTo allow you to do this, Linksys is also offering a MU-MIMO range extender and a MU-MIMO USB adapter to fit out your home with MU-MIMO.

The Linksys EA9500 MU-MIMO router is now available for $399.99. The RE700 range extender and USB adapter are priced at $150 and $60, respectively.

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