Slack has now 3 million daily active users, 930K paid seats

Written by Jaymin Shah

Slack declared that its team communication app is seeing continuing growth, with over 3 million (weekday) daily active users. this is often up 1 million from simply six months past. What’s additional, the company currently has 930,000 paid seats that is additionally a thirty one % increase from Feb once it according 675,000 paid seats.slackAlongside this news, Slack has additionally employed former Salesforce senior vice chairman for industrial sales within the Asia Pacific region Robert Frati as its vice chairman of sales, that is noteworthy since the corporate claims seventy seven of the Fortune one hundred firms use its product.

The addition of somebody practiced in managing firms may well be perceived as a serious push to bring the communication app into a lot of businesses on the far side simply startups and different cooperative environments. And as Frati has specialised within the Asia Pacific region, maybe additionally establish a lot of partnerships with firms in this a part of the world?

Slack has been on a growth spurt over the past few months, adding quite one million daily active users much each six months simply inside the last year. In June, the corporate counted one million DAU then doubled it in December before hitting the 3 million mark nowadays. It additionally shared that quite a pair of million users ar connected to Slack’s communication app “simultaneously” which means that at any given moment, most of its users ar all interfacing with one another on the platform.

While a reason for the enlarged usage hasn’t been formally free, it may well be as a result of the new integrations and developer platform Slack has created, easier integrations with third-party apps, the spotlight on bots, or maybe those funny commercials that the corporate is airing.Slack-DAU-052516

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