Samsung’s 80-meter Galaxy S7 Edge billboard is a rare feat of marketing

Written by Jaymin Shah

These days advertising seems to be looking for an edge, a unique and original approach that will engage potential customers and hold their attention better than the bombastic and simple ads of days gone by.

There’s a part in every tech journalist that instinctively rejects the idea of writing about a billboard. Ads are rubbish, and a billboard is just a really big ad.

We all know that Samsung likes to do crazy stuff of all kinds. From its immense product lineup down to some of the keynotes held in recent history and even Galaxy S5 airport terminals, the Korean giant has shown that it is not afraid to do things a little out of the ordinary.

Samsung, however, has taken the dull-ass billboard concept and built a huge 80-meter high and 40-meter wide ‘replica’ of a Galaxy S7 Edge across the entire side of a building in Sokol, Moscow, including giving the effect of having the same curved edges. And while these marketing exercises often end up looking pretty crappy, the drone footage above shows that this one is an exception.

Yes, it’s still just a huge ad, but credit where it’s due.

I can’t imagine battery life being very good with a screen that large though.

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