MobFox enables easy ad monetization for mobile app publishers

Written by Jaymin Shah

Matomy Media Group is launching MobFox, a mobile ad platform that makes monetizing apps easier for mobile app publishers.

It does so through the automatic creation of native in-app ads, and its software development kit makes it possible to create ads in multiple sizes, from 90K to 350K, to suit various mobile screens.

This SDK will be “built to fit,” Matomy says. The full SDK offers support for video and audio ads, and the lighter SDK cuts the time it takes for the publisher to install, thus making updates to apps simpler and faster.

Additional features of the new MobFox SDK include the automatic creation of native in-app ads, a new video player with vast 3.0 support, and the multi-format waterfall to maximize fill rate of banner, native, video, and audio ads.

“At MobFox, making the app publisher’s life easier has been our priority since day one,” said Michael Ionita-Ganea, the company’s director of technology, in a statement. “The mobile programmatic market is growing exponentially, and publishers are struggling to handle an overwhelming amount of ad networks, wasting both time and resources, resulting in SDK fatigue. Our new offering of a personalized SDK not only allows publishers to maximize their ad revenue, but it most importantly allows them to avoid inefficiencies in their ad strategy. ”

Tel Aviv-based Matomy Media Group acquired MobFox in 2014 as part of a wider strategy to strengthen and expand Matomy’s capabilities in mobile and programmatic advertising solutions.

“As an experienced programmatic and performance company, Matomy understands that one size SDK does not fit all”, said Sagi Niri, Mataomy’s chief operating officer, in a statement. “Our mobile initiative is focused on eliminating the stress faced by mobile publishers by offering easy-to-use smart monetization solutions to help grow their mobile advertising business whilst alleviating time spent on menial tasks. MobFox’s superior technology is able to accommodate the requests of publishers connecting them to the largest advertisers in the world competing for the best inventory.”

MobFox works with over 300 active advertisers, 40,000-plus registered publishers, and mobile advertising companies. The company offers demand- and supply-side-platforms (DSP and SSP) and a single gateway for mobile, video, and native ad inventory management via a real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace. MobFox also offers easy integration to open-source SDK’s for iOS and Android and provides a rich creative service.

Matomy Media Group was founded in 2007 and creates customized performance and programmatic ad solutions. It is listed on the London and Tel Aviv stock exchanges.

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