WhatsApp reportedly testing a video call feature

Written by Jaymin Shah

Your favourite app – WhatsApp – has silently added the video call button on its beta version, which can be downloaded from APK mirror as well. It is also available to beta testers from Google Play’s beta testing program.

Although the button is available, sadly it us not functional yet. Earlier, leaked images showed that the Facebook-owned instant messaging (IM) platform was testing the button on the iOS platform. iOS users are expected to get the update first.8710472-13756091A German website named Macerkopf had revealed screenshots that shows an ongoing video call in WhatsApp on iOS. If the screen shots are real, WhatsApp’s video calling interface is somewhat similar to its voice-calling one. Users can mute the call and also switch between the front and back cameras.

The website says that the feature is currently being tested internally for WhatsApp version for iOS and the build is for developers and beta testers. Officially, there has been no word from WhatsApp on the speculated feature but is expected to arrive sometime next year.

In addition, the instant messaging platform also is planning a multi-tab user interface that will allow users to jump from one chat to another without going back to the main chat list.

If these features actually come, WhatsApp might deliver them in a phased manner as it did with voice calling in March this year. Android users were the first to get voice calling, followed by iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phones.

If you click on the call button as of now, it will offer two option – video and audio. Clicking on the video call button generates a message reading “Couldn’t place call. Video calling is unavailable at this time”, without the call actually going through.

Currently, WhatsApp has over a billion active users and leads the IM space in the country way ahead of rivals like Skype, Viber and Hike messenger. Recently, the company has started providing end-to-end encryption for its platform for chats and shared content which might include files and other multimedia content.

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