Twitter adds button to Android app for launching Periscope broadcasts

Written by Jaymin Shah

In a new integration with Periscope, Twitter for Android users are beginning to see a “go live” button when they go to compose tweets, TechOptimals has learned. Starting today, a small percentage of users can tap the button and be redirected to Periscope, where they can begin a live broadcast.

Users who do not have Periscope installed are redirected to the App Store. The integration brings Twitter closer to parity in user experience with Facebook, which allows users to begin broadcasts from inside its flagship app. “We’re rolling out a ‘Go Live’ button in Twitter to a small percentage of users,” the company said in a statement. “Over time, all users will have the ability to start a Periscope broadcast from Twitter.”

twitter live

Periscope, which Twitter acquired last year, has worked to maintain a sense of independence from its corporate parent. On one hand, this has allowed Periscope to build a distinct identity and user base. But it has also meant that Twitter has been unable to move as fast as Facebook in integrating live video features into its flagship app. Having to download Periscope to begin live broadcasts on Twitter is a step many users won’t take — particularly when Facebook’s live-streaming app is already on their phone.

But perhaps this is only the beginning. Combined with last week’s introduction of permanent broadcasts and search, Twitter and Periscope are showing that they can move fast, too.

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