Windows phones will finally let you log-in with a fingerprint

Written by Jaymin Shah

Even though Microsoft only sold 2.3 million Lumia devices last quarter, it’s still cooking up ways to make Windows 10 Mobile better than ever, such as adding support for biometric checks.

While it sounds like Microsoft has moved plenty of Lumia devices lately, keep it mind that sales figure was a whopping 73 per cent drop from the same period last year. Also, for comparison, Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6S handsets its opening weekend. Microsoft should therefore rethink its smartphone strategy, and according to a presentation it gave during the WinHEC conference this week, it’s doing just that.

The company is planning to support fingerprint scanners fro the first time in Windows 10 Mobile starting this summer. We’ve seen Microsoft usher in support for facial recognition via Windows Hello, but fingerprint scanning really is the go-to standard among flagship smartphone these days, so in order to compete with the like of Apple, Samsung, HTC, and others, it’ll  finally begin support fingerprint scanners soon.

Support for the biometric check will arrive through the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile. Phone makers will still need to launch Windows phones with fingerprint readers, of course. Apparently, HP’s Elite x3 will be among the first Windows 10 phones to offer one.

As for when you can expect the Anniversary Update to hit, Microsoft is expected to release it for both desktop and mobile in late July.

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