Being verified on Twitter means people seem to pay more attention to you, even if you spend your day writing in your pajamas. But sometimes the ivory tower of fame can be lonely.

Good news for verified users: a Twitter for iOS bug makes it look like you have the power to verify anyone you want. All you need to do is simply retweet anybody’s post and and voilà – a blue tick will appear by their name.

For example, TNW co-founder Patrick de Laive isn’t verified:Slack for iOS Upload (1)But with an RT from our social media guru Matt Navarra, suddenly it looks like he is:Slack for iOS Upload

Unfortunately, the glitch is only visible to the verified user, so peasants unverified users can’t just convince a celebrity (or yours truly) to verify their accounts. But hey, you could always ask for a screenshot.

The glitch probably won’t last very long, and it only works on iOS. Still, way to feed verified users’ egos even more, Twitter.