CocoaPods now has an official Mac app because the command line sucks

Written by Jaymin Shah

The CocoaPods Mac app, which has been in the works for about a year, is now available for download.

With a good dose of levity, the CocoaPods team notes that its main strengths are editing Podfiles and running installs. While that sounds like light work, it’s actually pretty important.

There’s even a nifty autocomplete feature that will show a preview of what your edited Pod will look like, and an interface to help you know what effects the final integration will have.

And if you’re wondering why CocoaPods made the app when the command line is available, here’s the truest thing you’ll ever read:

CocoaPods exists within the ruby ecosystem. The majority of Cocoa developers don’t have much overlap with writing ruby programs. Installing and maintaining multiple versions of command-line tools like CocoaPods is something that people have to learn in order to use CocoaPods effectively.

Ain’t nobody got time for command lines!

If you want to check the CocoaPods Mac app out, download it here.

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