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ProofPilot launches with $1.85 million to help researchers run scientific studies

Written by Jaivik Shah

ProofPilot, a startup that helps researchers design and manage scientific studies, launches today after a $1.85 million investment from CueBall Capital and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, among others.

The New York-based startup says it makes it easier for professionals to run randomized controlled trials and outcome studies by reducing systematic issues that might come up while conducting them.

“I became increasingly frustrated that insightful health and social innovations were getting lost because it was too expensive to test whether [HIV prevention studies] really worked,” said cofounder Matthew Amsden. “I knew there had to be a more efficient way to do research studies.”

The company raised the capital in 2014, then “had to go on a brief break,” Amsden said, to further develop its technology. Now, ProofPilot is back, aiming to allow “researchers’ work to be guided by curiosity, not by concerns about protocol.”

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