Dropbox’s new education tier has most of its business features for a third of the price

Written by Jaymin Shah

Dropbox has long been divided into two primary offerings: one aimed at consumers and one at businesses. But now it’s adding a third tier just for educational institutions and their staff.

The fittingly named Dropbox for Education has most of the features of Dropbox for Business at a much lower price. For $49 annually per user, you get:

  • 15 GB of storage per user, the cumulative amount shared with the team.
  • One year of version history and deleted files.
  • Sharing permissions and activity monitoring through an Admin Console
  • Compliance with various security standards and regulations.

For comparison Dropbox for Business offers unlimited storage and revision history, but starts at $150 per year. That said, the $49 education price only applies to teams of 300 users or more; smaller groups will have to contact Dropbox’s sales team to work out a deal. Users also have the option to purchase as much storage as they need for their team.

It’s a solid compromise for universities and professors looking for a cloud-based solution for backing up their files and distribute them to coworkers and students, but not wanting to shell out on the full business set of features they may not need. For more information, check out the new Dropbox for Education page.

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