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Google acquires Synergyse, an interactive training service for Google Apps

Written by Jaivik Shah

Google has acquired Synergyse, a Toronto-based interactive training service for Google Apps for Work that was launched by a group of former Google employees in 2013. As part of this acquisition, Google will make Synergyse Training for Google Apps available for free to all Google Apps customers.

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The company did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction. According to CrunchBase, Synergyse did not raised any outside funding.

According to Synergyse’s own data, the service has trained over 4 million people in 3,000 organizations so far. That probably makes it the most popular training service for Google Apps and it probably didn’t hurt that the service was built on top of Google’s Cloud Platform either, which should make integrating it with Google’s own services relatively easy.


While figuring out how to use Google Apps for Work may seem trivial to many of us, there is actually a huge demand for this kind of training. Google notes that companies that use this training program see “on average 35 percent higher adoption across Apps products.”

Here is Synergyse’s description of the company’s incredible journey: “By joining the Google Apps team, we can accelerate our mission because we will be working even closer with the teams that build Google Apps. Advancing our mission at a faster speed is very exciting for the Synergyse team and our customers will directly see the benefits as we move forward.”

Google says it will integrate Synergyse into its own products later this year. Existing customers will be able to continue using the service and new customers can now download the Chrome extension for free.

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