Node.js Version 6 Released With Long Term Support

Written by Jaivik Shah

Almost six months after putting out Node.js 5.0, the Node.js Foundation has announced an hour ago the immediate public availability of the Node.js version 6.0 on a two-year Long Term Support (LTS) plan.


Seven months since its first stable release, version 6.0 of the Node.js framework is now available.

The Node.js Foundation says that the update brings a number of performance enhancements, including significantly faster module loading, better tests and documentation, as well as improved usability of its Buffer and File System APIs.

This release ships with the version 5 of the V8 JavaScript engine, which allows Node.js 6 to support 93 percent of all ES6 language features. However, if you have any native addons previously installed, you’ll need to recompile them in order to avoid runtime errors when loading them.

It’s worth noting that v6 is labeled as a ‘Current’ release, which means it’s intended for developers who want to try the latest features immediately and can uprade to subsequent versions quickly.

For those who are still using Node.js v4, you can expect continued support until April 2017, as it’s a stable release with long-term support. Version 5 will be supported for another two months before users will have to transition to v6.

Node.js 6 covers 93% of all ES6 features

Other significant changes included with Node.js 6 is the switch to using Google’s V8 version 5.0 for Node’s JavaScript engine, as well as the obligatory batch of bugfixes and performance improvements.


You can grab Node.js v6 here and find the release notes on this page.

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