Twitter just released its developer playbook for building great mobile apps

Written by Jaivik Shah

Developers who want to know how to take advantage of Twitter’s tools and knowledge can do just that now that it has released its Mobile App Playbook.

The ‘book’ is really a series of of blog posts Twitter has been releasing over time on best practices for building apps, which obviously lean on Fabric’s toolkit for reference.

Though it’s naturally biased towards Fabric, Twitter’s own developer suite of tools for analytics and app insights, the Mobile App Playbook still offers up a ton of good advice for developers, especially if you’re finding things about your workflow you don’t like.

Twitter cites its two example apps — Cannonball and Furni — as ones developers can look to for inspiration. Though both are fairly simple, they’re also solid proof-of-concept apps for the Mobile App Playbook.

The ten-part series walks you through prototyping and design down through analytics and streamlining the workflow, and touches on hot-button topics like using APIs and monetization along the way. Whether you want to use Fabric in your apps or not, the Mobile App Playbook is a great resource to keep bookmarked.

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