Mobile payment company Stripe is experimenting with hiring entire teams of developers and designers

Written by Jaivik Shah

Mobile payments company Stripe is hiring, and if you’re interested — feel free to bring your whole team along for the process.

A new initiative called ‘BYOT’ (bring your own team) lets crews of up to five apply to work at Stripe. The company even says it will do its best to make sure all team members traverse the interview process at the same time, and start the same day if hired.

It’s not limited to developers, though. From Stripe’s blog post:

Make sure to include resumes or CVs for each person, indicate which role each person is applying for, and a brief description of how you all know each other or have worked together in the past. Links to (or attached samples of) things you’ve built together are especially helpful. We’re expecting teams to be primarily software engineers, but we’d love to see well-established collaborations between engineers and designers, managers, or product managers.

It sounds a lot like a startup incubator, much like Google is rumored to be working on; the main difference is that Stripe is sourcing teams from outside its own walls.

Stripe also cautions that it’s an experimental program, and that the company will “tweak it as we go.”

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