Adobe XD update brings a ton of new features for designers and developers

Written by Jaivik Shah

Adobe XD has been updated, and gives designers and developers a host of new tools, all of which have been sourced from community feedback.

First, you can now set a custom grid for any artboard. It was one of those ‘duh’ additions, and Adobe notes it was among the most requested features in its UserVoice feedback forum.

Text can also be easily enhanced with XD, with Adobe giving you the ability to resize and adjust line spacing for text boxes in the inspector.

When toying with shapes, Adobe XD now allows you to change the corners of a box or rectangle independently. Ahead of this update, changes to a corner were recursive to the others; now you can make changes individually, or apply them to other corners as needed.

And possibly the most time-saving feature is dragging and dropping of assets from the browser, or using embedded images from Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe also made a slight improvement to its sharing feature, which lets you request a new URL if you make changes to an artboard. It’s like shared version control!

There’s also a lot more coming to XD. Adobe says future updates will have improvements to the color picker, background blur, scrolling, measuring and full-screen sharing.

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