HTC Vive companion app now available for iOS users

Written by Jaivik Shah

If you’re an HTC Vive owner with an iPhone instead of an Android device, you won’t have to feel left out of the phone integration game anymore. The iOS version of the HTC Vive companion is now up for grabs on the App Store.

The self-titled “HTC Vive” software allows users to tap into some of the Vive’s more unique communications features, receiving calls, texts, and calendar reminders, all without leaving the comfort of your own little virtual world. Android users have been privy to these features since the Vive was released in early April, and HTC’s flagship VR product remains the only headset that offers these useful tools in the first place.

However, the iOS app itself was pushed live without every single feature its Android iteration offers. For instance, the ability to send preset responses to calls or texts is absent from the iOS release. It’s useful for iOS owners and is available now, but hopefully the app will be updated in the future to match the capabilities of its Android counterpart.

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