Snapchat for iOS now lets you replay any snap for free and face swap with any photo

Written by Jaivik Shah

Turns out a Prince tribute wasn’t the only new feature Snapchat had in store today: an update is rolling out to iOS users allowing them to face swap with any photo in their camera roll.

Now when you enter the masking features – long press on a face during the capture process – you’ll see a second face swap button show up next to the original. The new one is purple and includes a little camera icon to indicate you’re swapping with something from your camera roll.Snapchat Face Swap Camera Roll Full

That’s not all though: Snapchat is moving slightly away from the ephemerality of its platform by letting you replay any snap for free, although only one time.  Also, keep in mind that your friends will be alerted any time you replay a snap.

You may recall Snapchat provided this feature for a $0.99 fee; it was a way for the platform to make a quick buck. But now it seems the company is turning to other sources of revenue even noting that you can no longer purchase extra replays even if you wanted to on its support page.

No word on when the features will arrive on Android but Snapchat has a track record of maintaining feature parity; we imagine it won’t be very long.

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