Google’s Project Fi app update brings a data usage widget to help you avoid overages

Written by Jaivik Shah

If you’re a subscriber to Google’s cellular network Project Fi, a new update on the Play Store should help you better manage your data.

According to an update log shared by a Googler on Reddit, the Project Fi app (version I.2.1) will come with a new widget that lets you view current data usage per month. Project Fi‘s pricing is dependent on how much data you use – unlimited talk and text costs $20 a month, but an additional gigabyte of data is $10. It also credits back any unused data, which is why this widget should come in handy.

Other updates include a call forwarding toggle that allows you to turn the feature on and off without reverifying the number when it gets turned back on, as well as a fix to stop a bug that showed data from one day in the future.

If you aren’t seeing an update in your Play Store yet, you can access the APK right here.

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