Google’s Inbox update makes keeping track of events, newsletters, and articles way easier

Written by Jaivik Shah

Google has announced a few features for its Inbox email client that will help you keep track of events and newsletters, as well keep your links in one place with a ‘Save to Inbox’ feature.

First up, Inbox can now keep track to all your calendar-related emails in one place.

For instance, if a colleague sends you an invite to an event, you can view all related emails and changes in one place. That could save you several minutes of digging through your emails to find an old message.update

Meanwhile if you’re subscribed to any newsletters, you can now preview them right from Inbox, without having to open up a browser. Inbox will then minimized the newsletter’s you’ve read to save some space.medium-newsletter

But the best and simplest update might be the ‘Save to Inbox’ feature. How many times have you emailed yourself a link or file, because it’s just the simplest way to keep your information in one place? Save to Inbox make it even simpler.savemobile

Now if you use the share function on Android or iOS – or the Chrome extension – you can click on the new Save to Inbox option. When you open up Inbox later, your saved links will all show up in one place.

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