YouTube now has 360-degree livestreaming video to induce real-time nausea

Written by Jaivik Shah

You can now view live, streaming 360-degree video in YouTube.

There is also be spatial audio support for 360-degree video, but Google is only making it available for on-demand 360-degree video, not live. . If you’re unfamiliar, that basically means that audio will feel as though it has a natural source, whether that’s in front, to the side or behind you.


Google is introducing the technology at Coachella, where select concerts will be streamed in 360-degrees.

There’s also a ‘LiveAPI’ for developers who want to work 360-degree livestreams into their own app or service. Google is limiting the Live API for hardware manufacturers who make 360-degree cameras, and says it has been working with VideoStitch, Two Big Ears, ALLie, Vahana VR and Orah 4i for the launch.

An important distinction is that 360-degree livestreams are not VR, though much of the underlying technology Google has baked in (like spatial audio) is similar.

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