LinkedIn’s new app helps students figure out their career paths and find mentors

Written by Jaivik Shah

LinkedIn has already cemented its position as the go-to social network for working professionals. Now, it’s aiming at a younger audience with its new app for students that slated to launch on Monday.

Coming to Android and iOS, LinkedIn Students offers college folks a look at the career paths their degrees will afford them once they graduate.

 The app will suggest roles based on your education, surface job listings for your selected major and deliver career advice content through a card-based interface.

LinkedIn Students tells you about unexplored opportunities and dishes out career advice

LinkedIn says that it hopes to inform students about opportunities they may have not been aware of. For example, if you’re studying psychology, it’ll tell you about alternative roles that you can consider, such as a recruiter for a large firm.

It will also let you browse profiles of recent alumni with your major so you can connect with them to ask questions about how they advanced through their careers and hopefully find a mentor.

It’s an interesting approach for LinkedIn to try and stay relevant, while also bringing users on board before land their first job. Ada Yu, a senior product manager at LinkedIn, told VentureBeat, “This is a soft introduction to students who may not know the value of networking and introduce LinkedIn’s value proposition.”

As LinkedIn launches its new app, it’s reportedly set to close its education portal , with the exception of the alumni connections and university pages.

LinkedIn Students will become available at 6AM PT on Monday, on Android and iOS for users in the US.

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