Draftly is an Apple TV Dribbble client for the rare designer who’s also a couch potato

Written by Jaivik Shah

For the rare breed who are designers but also couch potatoes, there’s now a Dribbble client for Apple TV named Draftly.

Of course, those who have the itch to check out Dribbble in the evenings no longer have to pick up a mobile device or computer, so it’s definitely useful for everyone.

 The idea is that larger images are obviously more fun to look at, and could even help you pick up on subtle nuances in a design. Draftly also supports GIFs, because what would life be without moving images?!

You can also view profiles, details on images or go full-screen for a more immersive feature. For the dedicated designer and die-hard Apple TV user, Draftly also supports Apple TV’s top shelf feature, which scrolls images along the top when you’ve got the Draftly icon highlighted.

Draftly is also free, so download it, grab some popcorn and obsess over pixels my design loving friends.

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