PSA: Hangouts finally lets you send video attachments on iOS

Written by Jaivik Shah

Ever wanted to share video via Hangouts on iOS, only to find out there’s no way to actually send it directly through the chat app? Fret no more.

Google’s recently updated Hangouts for iOS to let you record and share video attachments, albeit limited to one minute. It only took three years.

You could previously send short 10-second videos on iOS. Meanwhile, Android has had no such functionality; here’s to hoping it catches up soon.

It’s strange that it’s taken so long to implement a fairly basic feature, but maybe that’s because Google hasn’t quite figured out how to establish Hangouts against growing competitors like Messenger and WhatsApp.

This post previously erroneously stated video attachments arrived for Android – our mistake. The update only applies to iOS, and it arrived a while ago.

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