Apple TV now has live broadcasts so cord cutters don’t have to compromise

Written by Jaivik Shah

There’s a new Apple TV feature that will delight cord cutters who don’t want to compromise. Dubbed ‘Live Tune-In,’ it lets you watch live content in supporting apps.

So far, only CBS, ESPN and Disney XD are participating in Live Tune-In. To access live content, Apple asks that you give Siri commands like “watch CBS” or “watch ESPN live.”

Keep in mind it’s not some sort of cheat to get around cable subscriptions. Apps with live content will probably charge you a subscription fee directly, so you’re still paying for it.

But, for those who don’t find a Sling TV subscription suitable for their needs (or are left waiting for it to hit Apple TV), this just might do the trick. Apple isn’t saying if other apps are in the pipeline for live content, but it could end being a mesh network replacement for that internet TV service Apple has allegedly given up on.

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