It’s time to uninstall QuickTime for Windows

Written by Jaivik Shah

Security firm Trend Micro says it’s discovered two critical security flaws in Apple’s QuickTime software for Windows which could be exploited to attack PCs.

The vulnerability could put users at risk if they visit a web page or open a file injected with malicious content.

Currently, Trend Micro hasn’t learned of any attacks that make use of the flaws in question. But the company reports that Apple is deprecating support for QuickTime on Microsoft’s OS and won’t fix the bugs, so it’s possible that hackers may try to exploit them in the future.

Both Trend Micro and the US Department of Homeland Security have issued alerts to uninstall the software to mitigate the chances of falling prey to attackers. However, OS X users need not worry as QuickTime for Mac is still being supported.

We’ve contacted Apple for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

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