Rukkus’ Seat360 lets you preview your seat in VR before buying an event ticket

Written by Jaivik Shah

When you’re rushing to get tickets for highly anticipated events like an Adele or Beyoncé concert, where you’re sitting might be secondary to having tickets in your hands. But sometimes, that leads to getting stuck with seats behind a column, or being far away from the nearest bathroom exits.

Rukkus, an event ticket sales app, today launched a Seat360 feature adds a panoramic 360-degree view option, so you can select an available ticket and see what the views from your exact seat are.


Currently, the company has partnerships with stadiums hosting NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB games as well as concert setups at these locations. The idea is to let you check out your views before making the purchase so you have reasonable expectations of what you’re buying.

The app also works with VR headsets like the Google Cardboard if you want it to feel more immersive. But looking at it from an augmented point of view seems more helpful than the generic photo of a seat angle already.

Rukkus Seat360 Basketball

This app is currently available on iOS and Android, but the Android update will arrive tomorrow.

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