Vine’s new ‘Watch’ feature makes it less loopy (but more personal)

Written by Jaivik Shah

Vine has introduced the much-welcomed ability to watch all your favourite Viner’s clips without having to scroll back.

Anyone who has used Twitter-owned Vine is likely familiar with the experience of discovering an awesome Vine personality (aka Viner) and then spending hours going back on that channel. Unfortunately, if the Viner has been around since the app exploded in popularity a few years ago, it can take many tedious hours to scroll from clip to clip until you reach the beginning of their content.

Also, the app could crash, or your thumbs could get sore, and that means you might lose your place and have to scroll back all over again. Well, that’s not the case any longer. Vine lets you kick back and watch an entire channel with a tap. The iOS and Android app updated with a “watch” button that appears on every channel. It basically lets you playback every Vine on that channel.

You will see the new button on individual channels and on Vine’s curated Explore section channels. You can also select which order the Vines will playback, such as chronological order, reverse chronological order, or by popularity. Vine published the following demo (on Vine, of course):

All we can say is: Yaaas!

While Watch is the biggest draw, it leaves us wanting. That’s a great feature for curated lists or Apple TV, where you just want to sit back and watch rather than manually scroll through posts. Perhaps today’s update is laying the foundation there, though.


It’s a good way to find out — in short order — if you really want to follow an account. If you see a lot of ‘get a free iPhone’ revines, maybe you won’t be into their feed.

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